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10 Ways to Get the Most Out of Account-Based Marketing

Project Management Resources • July 4, 2019, 2:30 pm
It shouldn’t be arduous to give the public what it wants. Yet marketing and sales are often at odds on their mission. According to HubSpot research only 22 percent of companies surveyed believe that…

How to Build an Email List: 75 Experts Share Their Secrets

Kamyar Shah

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Giveaways - “This one is THE most effective way of building a large and responsive email list. It is rather simple: determine what your target audience likes and hold a regular give away. I have seen lists grow 10x within 6 months. The secret is to entice the community members to share it with others. This will give you even more vertical penetration.”

Collaborate with Your Peers - “This one is one of the rather underutilized methods. Don’t fear others in your space; not everyone is your competitor. Reach out and work out deals to expose each other to your audiences. You would be surprised how quickly a fair share of their email subscribers opt for your list as well.”

Provide Free Valuable Information Regularly - “Be it some industry news you happen to get the scoop on or a comprehensive curation of industry news. Never underestimate how little time people have and how much they appreciate a round up to keep up to date.”

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ѓomethingҭas-a-service, the new fintech paradigm

Something-as-a-service lights up the eyes of most VCs and investors. Mainly because it sounds far easier and simpler than going after the juggernaut of core-anything.The thesis behind SaaS in fintech is premised around letting the banks and existing incumbents get on with what they are good at – …

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Top 5 Social Media Marketing Tools | Constant Contact

Looking to take your social media strategy to the next level? These social media marketing tools will help you achieve your goals.

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Deloitte ML Model Helps Predict & Quantify Social Impact of Investment

As companies are becoming increasingly focused on the social impact of their business operations, Deloitte has developed a new Social Impact Measurement Model (SIMM), pioneering a machine learning tool that forecasts the results of a large corporate investment – such as opening a new office or…

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